In this interview we have a Spiritual Coach/Healer but also artist – painter- SANDRA SARADESI

Sandra began her own personal Spiritual Journey over two decades, ago.
She is a Holistic healer with over 10 years of international experience.Sandra is recognized as a Gifted Healer, Spiritual Coach, Teacher, Intuitive, and The Yoga of Illumination Instructor, in addition to holding the honoured title of Grand Master of the Miraculous Angelic Healing of Bel-Vas-Pata.

An accomplished Speaker and Corporate Workshop Facilitator, with extensive experience hosting four weekly podcasts for over a period of five years.

Sandra shares her consciousness-elevating expertise, with individuals, couples, workshop groups and corporate audiences.

She has taught and led workshops and retreats in four languages throughout the US, Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Holland, Denmark, Spain and Portugal.